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Acute heart failures

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    omg, is there an epidemic or something? All of a sudden a lot of seemingly healthy people seem to be dropping down dead and it is giving me the creeps. My friends' soccer coach recently died on the field, that Hungarian soccer player Miklo, last weekend Marco Pantani and today a 20 yr old girl dropped down dead in the lab, I heard, they had to reanimate her.. thank god they were able to revive her.. :frown: Enough to make you feel faint hearted
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    well...at least my heart is still beating
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    Sudden cardiac arrest is much more common than people realize. Thats why you find portable defibrilators (sp?) everywhere these days.
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    I had a cardiologist go over my heart with a fine toothed comb a few months ago and he declared it to be in beautiful shape. He did a very cool ultrasonic scan that recorded videos of it in action. These were very high resolution for ultrasound and he could control the depth to which it sensed things, such that he isolated moving images of the individual valves. This was new equipement he had just bought, and I was only the third or fourth patient he'd tried it on, so he really went to town.
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    Well, I guess....ah.....

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    Yes it is happening more frequent, but it’s not this month or year, it’s happening for a long time, it’s just that it gain more attention in public these days because of deaths of football players during the games (anyway related to pro players is that many of them have some sort of heart condition. . . don’t let me start with doping topic…). Few years ago guy from school just drop dead during football training, do you remember last world championship... Stress, undetected heart problems, silent viruses, lifestyle, too big loads etc.
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    Rather freaky, kinda like spontaneous human combustion but without the explosion(?). It worries me that its happening to physically fit person, who really is safe?
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    Sometimes, atheletes take dangerous drugs or supplements to enhance their performance or just push their bodies farther than they can go. I'd be willing to be that something like one of those happened to the soccer player. I don't think that a person that exercises moderately and eats a clean diet shouldn't have a problem. However, while dietary knowledge has made eating a healthy diet easier in recent years, wealth has made people fat, mainly through extensive eating of animal products, and modern agricultural practices (growth hormones, diseased meat, synthetic pesticides, etc.) pose dramatic health problems.
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