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Admissions for Aerospace Engineering

  1. Aug 25, 2015 #1
    What are the best colleges for getting an degree in Aerospace Engineering ? I've heard about MIT. What are the requirements for an Indian student to get into MIT after 12th ? And what other top instititues are these apart from MIT for AE and what are the requirements and exams one should give to get into them ?
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    tryengineering.org is a great place to start your research about aerospace engineering colleges. In addition to MIT there are 67 other institutions in the US offering degrees in aerospace engineering.
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    Vanadium 50

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    MIT has a web page that explains this.

    MIT takes ~2 students from India per year. I am confident that every student they take have been able to look things up on the web on their own, and would also be able to follow directions like "PLEASE READ - NO QUESTIONS in "New member Introductions". If this is your plan, you need to develop some more independence that you have shown so far. Remember - you need to be in the top two (more or less),
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    Vanadium there's no need to be so bad, I am new to the website and I asked the generalised question cause there tends to be something that has been overlooked. I have done my own web searches but there's always something related to what you want that someone else knows about and you don't. So the question, and I hadn't read the whole no questions in the new member forum thing. Apologies.
    And thanks anyways I didn't know they took only two students from India, but actually on their website it said that just last year they had taken around 16 .. Are you sure they select only two ?
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    It's possible only 2 of the 16 accepted matriculated. Anyway, in general they'll presumably accept anyone with the necessary qualifications etc (e.g. top tier grades in everything, some extracurriculars particularly indicating a sustained interest in science and engineering, very good SAT/ACT scores, references, TOEFL or whatever scores etc, etc,) however they may not be able to provide funding for all international students. The country you're from won't (or at least, shouldn't) make a difference to your application unless there is some specific programme in place from your country in the first place.

    Vanadium is right though, all the relevant info is available on the web generally already, and no one here will have any secret knowledge that will guarantee your application is successful. He's also right to note that successful prospective MIT students are probably enterprising enough to do at least a modicum of research themselves before turning to others for help.

    More generally, Stanford, CalTech, Imperial College London, UCL, Cambridge, Oxford, and the Ivy League are all top tier universities generally and as far as I'm aware all offer an Aerospace programme in one way or another. Additionally worth considering is École Polytechnique, another top tier institution with links to lots of aerospace things (there is a lot of aerospace industry in France), however it has somewhat different entrance requirements (you do not enter at the end of high school). EP also doesn't do aerospace directly, I think you do mechanical and you can choose aero themed modules.

    As above all the relevant application procedures and details of the programmes are available on their webpages variously (although Oxbridge can be somewhat confusing with regards to colleges and the general engineering pattern, as well as the weird names they have for some things). I would recommend starting there, and going through the various pages until you know everything there is to know about the admissions procedures for these programmes from the webpage before asking on forums.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Sixteen students are there now. You need to divide by 4 or 5 to determine how many they take per year.
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    Yes, all of you have been telling me that everyone has been doing their own researches ! Obviously, I have also been doing the same, I was just asking just for the sake like I didn't know about Ecole Polytech, there's always new info with everybody. Also, what languages apart from English would you suggest learning ( Note : I want to be an Aerospace Engineer)
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