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Advanced High Schol project Suggestions

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    Hey. I will be in approx. 1 year from now do a big mathematics project, that is going to be coupled with physics. I have already covered all the obvious choices for this project, such as harmonic motion and dampened harmonic motion with the derivation of the general solutions to the differential equations, in previous assignments. I have also already made my own intepretation of simple air resistance, with the restrictive force being proportionate to the speed and the square of the speed, with the solutions of the generel cases.

    So i have pretty much already covered the classics, since i think differential equations are a very interesting subject. Now i need something new - Im mostly looking for an interesting mathematical subject, but i wouldnt mind if it has a good relevance to physics. Aswell

    Im thinking i'd like to do something in real analysis, but i find the subject very difficult atm. I do have 1 year to do it though, so i dont know. I'm 17 now btw, and 1.5 year into HS.

    Any suggestions ? :P I think it would be awesome to do generel relativity lol, but i'm not sure i ever will be able to understand the math, and certainly not in 1 year from now :)
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    If you want to look into an analysis type topic that relates to physics, you could look at doing something on Fourier Analysis. It has a lot of applications to physics, and in a year you should be able to learn enough to do something interesting with it.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    In what sense did you cover them? Do yo do computer programming? - what computer languages? Or do you specialize in symbolic calculations done by hand?
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