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Math Advanced mathematics applicable for business?

  1. Aug 1, 2012 #1
    I'm currently studying calculus and I'm considering becoming a mathematician (possibly professionally, and definitely just for fun). What I would like to know is if more advanced mathematics could have any use for the business/business administration field. I'm thinking of anything from manufacturing, healthcare, finance, retail, etc. By advanced mathematics, I'm thinking of what a typical mathematics student would be studying at the masters level and beyond. I know most of that stuff has applications for science, engineering, and computer science, but could any of it be very helpful in business?
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    Statistics is indispensable in many areas of business: marketing, advertising, finance, and even pure economics.

    In economics, you'd be well served studying Game Theory.

    In finance, you need probability. The few bits of math that business guys can hold over physicists have to do with "martingales," "numeraires," and anything with a "Markov" in it.

    Also, a lot of finance and economics is done on computers nowadays, so complexity theory is useful when designing algorithms.
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    There are actually branches of math that deal with business.

    You should look up operations research (management science), financial mathematics, game theory, and actuarial science.
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