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Business student who likes science

  1. Mar 9, 2012 #1
    Im 21 and should be graduating in December with a BS in Accounting and BS in Finance. Now that I'm actually close to graduating, I'm beginning to think more about life after college. One thing I've realized is that I don't like business. Sure I could go through with it and be successful, but I'd rather do what I love, and that's science. I haven't narrowed it down too much, but I think I'd like to do physics or astrophysics. Who knows, maybe I'll end up changing my mind about the specific field I'd like to go into, but either way, I'm definitely going down the wrong path. Since I'm so close to graduating, I'm not going to switch majors suddenly and waste four years of time and tuition. How would I go about getting into science with a BS in business? Do I need a BS in science to do a Masters in science? If I need a BS, can I take the main classes (calculus, physics, etc.) without all the extra general studies that goes with a degree?
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    stick with business. you don't know if you like physics or not. physicists and engineers need businessmen to market their ideas and products in a market economy, and beg for funding in a command economy. businessmen never go out of business.

    the biggest obstacle to big science is funding. you can make it happen and help science far more than if you actually studied science.
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    You're right when you say i dont know if I like physics or not. I watch a lot of science documentaries and I love learning about the way the world works. The thing is - I don't know if I'd be interested in the details. Im a big picture kind of person. While learning about the cosmos is interesting to me, I dont think I'd be interested in the minute, insignificant details.

    I'd like to be involved in science in some way though. Any suggestions?
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    Hey anonchi and welcome to the forums.

    If you are interested in learning some more statistics and a bit more other math, becoming an actuary might be up your alley.
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    You can always appreciate science in the way that you already are. If you want to get your toes wet, maybe take 1 course in physics and see how you like it?
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    like i said, scientists and engineers need people to help them sell their products/beg for funding. then they need people to help them manage their finances. that's where businessmen and accountants come in - you.

    here's what i'm gonna say about the "not interested in details" - i've been reading some astrophysics papers recently. i'm totally untrained in this field, but i can tell that it is nothing , NOTHING like the science documentaries. its seriously more like accounting than you think it is.
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