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Homework Help: Advanced Physics Exam Question ( Can't Answer It )

  1. Dec 21, 2014 #1
    • User informed about mandatory use of the homework template.
    I passed my exam but I blanked out at this question and have no idea how to answer it. I think it want me to prove the formula with its corresponding SI units?

    Question: In the kinetic theory of gases, the absolute temperature of a gas given by

    T= mc^2/3k

    where m refers to the mass of gas, c^2 is the mean square speed of the gas particles and k is the Boltzmann's constant. Show that the equation is homogeneous correct and briefly describe the importance of homogeneous units in physical equations.

    I'm new to this forums and eager to learn I hope I won't annoy anyone if I ask frequent questions. Thank you.
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    Yes. Perform dynamic analysis on the given equation.
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