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Advice for the future (phys/eng/medic)

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    Hi all,

    I think this is my first proper post on here, it's a great forum and I will definitely be making good use of this forum in the future. I am just thinking out aloud here, and you guys know full well what you are talking about.

    Right, I have an unconditional offer to go to college through Liverpool Uni (uk), to cut a long story short, I am 29, have been working since college in 1999 where i got my gnvq adv in IT, as a web designer, then factory worker, I have recently got my CompTIA A+ and N+ for the IT side (more of a backup thing for the recent recession), then I got thinking about more technical things.

    I went from computers to electronics then to engineering then to physics.

    So I applied to liverpool uni for physics and engineering foundation with a view to go to year one.

    I am quite certain I will do the Physics based course in college which has phys, maths and i will opt for chem. The engineering one has math, phys, and opt geog or IT.

    I am not certain how I will feel about things later on so I assume it would be wise to go for the physics one and start that and maybe do some of the electronic engineering if I feel the need, the end plan is to do Physics with Medical Applications and aim for a Medical Physicist job, seems to be a good future, with plenty of research there, and I feel the treatment of cancer would be a good idea overall for it's obvious benefits.

    Finally, I looked at Mechatronics with Robotics at the engineering department in liverpool uni too, hence the application for engineering foundation, which could help in maint/service of medical machines.

    The bottom line is, as scary and dangerous some of the machines (mri), techniques (gamma knifes) and materials (radioactive isotopes) used for medical physics are, they are stupidly fascinating aren't they!? That's the physics bit, the mechatroncics bit is the electronics, movements of the machines etc, all fascinating stuff, the (applications of) computers side to them I could become interested in... more than the IT (workflow, etc).

    So I am just looking for what you guys think or recommend, what are the trends in the choosen fields, and what kind of salary does say a radiotherapy service engineer seem to get compared to being a medical physicist (grade A and B)? Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.
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