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Nuclear Instrumentation and medical applications PhD scopes?

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    I am currently pursuing my masters in Nuclear Engineering and my graduation is in Instrumentation Engineering. I am interested in Nuclear Instrumentation and Control engineering and currently I have taken coursework also regarding the same. Could you please suggest me universities where researches on Nuclear Instrumentation and Medical physics are being done. What are the areas in this domain which are having high research potentials in future?

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    What part of the world are you looking for?

    A list of CAMPEP accredited graduate programs in medical physics can be found here. CAMPEP is generally focused on North American programs, although I believe than there is one Irish and one Korean program in the mix. If you're looking for research-oriented programs, look to the bigger schools first, or the Canadian ones.

    Medical Physics Web is a good source of information on the current hot topics in medical physics.
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    @Choppy, thanks for your reply. I have no problem to join PhD program at any corner of the world. My concern is regarding suggestions of institutes which concentrate more on research oriented programs in the field of Nuclear Instrumentation or Medical physics. I also want a comparative analysis of research opportunities in both domain.

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