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Advice needed on Electromagnet specifications

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    I have about 300 metric tons Iron Filings as per attached representative photo in a godown. Mixed with small percentage of Aluminum.

    I need to separate the Iron filings and Aluminum.

    Separated Iron Filings need to be straightaway loaded onto a truck.

    Godown entrance is about 4 feet, height about 10 feet.

    My idea to separate the Iron Filings and Nonferrous is:

    1. Prepare Iron Ladder (Mild Steel material) about 3" thick and 8 feet length.

    2. Attach the ladder to a towing vehicle, in horizontal direction (like a trailer)

    3. Push the ladder inside the godown

    4. Suspend Electromagnets in the bottom portion of ladder

    5. About 5 Electromagnets to be fitted in each portion of the ladder, for a total of 15 Electromagnets

    6. Each Electromagnet to be capable of lifting 50 kgs (about 110 lbs), for a total lifting of 750 kgs each time.

    7. Tow the lifted material onto the truck.

    8. As there are 2 entrances to the godown, adopt a similar approach to the other entrance, thus enabling lifting 1500 kgs each time.

    9. Thus to lift and tow about 9 metric tons per hour. About 70 metric tons per day.

    Would like to hear your advice on the specifications of the required Electromagnet.

    Including details like the type of magnet Wire, the thickness and length of the Electromagnet, Battery voltage for each, number of windings layerwise, other required specifications, safety precautions to be adopted.

    Point to be noted is Ferrous material is Iron filings in granular form, and not a single solid piece.

    All suggestions and alternate suggestions are welcome.

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