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Advice on career/college path

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    It's been a while since I've been here and I would like to know some opinions on my situation. Okay, I'm in college majoring in physics currently. About a month back I had the privilage to hear an orchestra perform their first concert (it was actually a dress rehersal) in a new concert hall. This was like the greatest thing I have every experienced in my life and I have looked into the possibility of going toward Architectural Accoustics for a new career path which involves Physics, Architecture, and Music. I have not really seen many online programs that offer this type of major. I was wondering, do you think I should major in accoustics, physics and music, or just physics?

    I did also have another question that's bugged me so far in my college courses. I didn't do so well in Chemistry because I didn't like it that much. If I am to become a physicist, should I try to retake those so that I might get a better grasp of chemistry or do you think I will be fine? I know it depends on what I decide to actually do with a physics degree.

    Sorry for the long post :blushing:
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    Hello there Brent! I too am a Physics major:smile: I would definitely suggest taking chemistry over again if you didn't get it down pat. I am also very interested in acoustics and architecture. The way I see it, you can still learn tons about acoustics by reading. I am interested in many different things in this world....I will study and learn about them all eventually. As far as what you should major in, that it your decision. What would you enjoy doing every day for the rest of your life lol?? The other things you like can be "side studies" what I like to call things or ideas I explore outside of school and work.
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    thanks matthew! I had a big heart-to-heart talk with one of my Physics professors about some of the trouble I've been having just with physics and chemistry and they reassured me that they think I would be fine. I may still retake Chemistry, but I will dwell over it some more. Thanks again!
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