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Aerospace Engineering degree with double major?

  1. May 21, 2014 #1

    I am currently a California Community College student and my interests are currently Math, Physics and Aerospace Engineering. I am trying to decide on a double major between the three of these and was looking for advice on that and what would be best. I guess my options are:

    Math + Aerospace Engineering= Really hard to do, but I am sure it would be pretty fun. Maybe would help me a lot with computational fluid dynamics?

    Physics + Aerospace Engineering= This actually seems like the best option because I think things along the lines of Exotic Propulsion would be exciting and this may be the best option for that.

    Math + Physics= Probably the easiest option. I feel like I should be able to go to a multitude of graduate schools from this depending on my interests. But I am scared if I don't get the necessary GPA to go to grad school and I just stop I will be left with at best some programming job that would not excite me.

    My main reason for my interest in Aerospace is that I could have a job that is not only interesting, but also lucrative.
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    Well, first of all, the GPA necessary to go to grad school is usually 3.0. You should be saying you are afraid that you won't have good enough recommendation letters and a strong enough overall academic record because that is the criteria, not GPA specifically.

    Secondly, grad school carries significant risks and downsides in most subjects, not just math and physics, so I would not just assume that you're safe, just because you have more choices than your two majors (i.e. I'd worry more about whether it would be a good idea at all than whether you could get accepted). And it might not be that easy to do other subjects, anyway, depending on what it is and what other classes you cram into the double-major.
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