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Aerospace Engineering PhD to Astrophysics Postdoc

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    Hi, I'm from the UK and I'm in my final year of an aerospace engineering PhD which focuses on civil aircraft and engine design. For some time I have felt that engineering is too restrictive in terms of the science available to use; due to it's applied nature and safety restrictions within the aviation industry. I have recently been investigating MagnetoHydroDynamics (MHD) which has helped broaden my understanding of plasma, electromagnetic fields and fluid dynamics. From here my thirst for scientific understanding has dominated my interest in application/design.

    My questions are: Would it be possible to be accepted onto a Postdoc in astrophysics, given my indirect PhD subject? Otherwise would I need to apply for a PhD in astrophysics first? Or would there be some other method of arriving at an astrophysics Postdoc i.e. low paid postdoc position?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    You may want to post in the Academic Guidance subforum if you don't get any help here.
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    Ye thanks I've done that.
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