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Aerospace What Are the duties of an Aerospace Engineer in Practical Life (Job)?

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    Hello Everyone,

    First I would like to thank you for allowing me to post in this community and Would like to Give a brief background about me:

    BEng (Hons) Degree: Aerospace Engineering from UK
    MSc Degree: Advanced methods of Aeronautical Engineering from UK
    Basically a Fresh Graduate.

    I just recently Completed my degrees and trying to find a Job at the moment, I want to ask that what are the duties of an aerospace engineer in a field (In an Airline and General Aviation) Based on my Degrees. My Degrees are not based on Maintenance side but on designing side. So I know Airbus Boeing etc are relevant to my degree but I want to know what are the duties in any airline? Please if possible be as much as technical that what kind of duties are assigned.

    For Example my Masters Degree was based on Aerospace Structures But what I learnt and studied was mostly theoretical. Calculation of stress, fatigue analysis etc.. How is all this knowledge implemented in real life? Any kind of help will be appreciated. I Really want to understand the "Behind the scene concept" of this Job as I have not worked anywhere yet so I am asking for help from experienced engineers or the one currently working so I make a good impression when I start my very first job.

    Kind Regards.
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    Hi, welcome to PF,

    I used to work with a Structural Engineer (also my job title) who has a BEng in Aero Engineering and is now a Performance Engineer at British Airways. Airlines generally aren't necessarily Maintenance Repair Organisations (MROs) so their isn't much opportunity for any designing as such and if so you would most likely be involved in writing instructions on how to carry out a Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) or directed visual inspection, maybe a minor repair like a corrosion blend where you sand away corrosion on a Longeron or Spar Cap for example. All 2D CAD stuff. The money is good with airlines in general but if you want to be a design engineer, then they won't offer you as good experience as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) would. However there is still obviously scope to earn a lot and be a sort of rounded engineer within an airline.

    Hope this helps,

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    THank you very much Jericho. Actually I want to work with an airline it has always been my dream, I know choose the wrong field regarding designing. But is it still possible to get a job in Airline? I live in Dubai so I am really trying for etihad emirates etc.. But they need Degrees plus exp so I will start from anywhere currently to gain some exp..
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