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Age, possibilities and work demand

  1. May 14, 2014 #1
    hello, my name is pablo bähler, i live in argentina right now, im in the second year of a bachelor in physics but i am planning to move to switzerland, learn german and restart the bachelor in physics.

    i am 20 years old right now, and by the time i start the bachelor in physics in the university of zurich i will be 21, i know i might sound strange. but do you think that 21 is too old to start a bachelor or is it ok? i plan to do a ms and a phd also...

    also. life in switzerland is MUCH better than here in argentina and the university of zurich is much better also. (at least according to qs rank, but hey, its switzerland, everything is good there)

    but i have all my friends here, and my girlfriend. but i really dream about living there. and i did some research and i can get a grant and the financial department of the university was very undersanding and positive.

    do you have any experience in doing something like these?

    what would you do?

    also, apart from research(its my ideal job) are there any physicists that work for factories of maybe for the goverment? whats the alternative job of a physicist?

    thanks in advance,


    ps: has anyone done the ECUS exam? its for swiss universities. i need to know how you prepared yourself for it.
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  3. May 14, 2014 #2


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    That is not too old. I am 28 and will be starting my PhD this Fall in physics.
  4. May 14, 2014 #3
    i know that this is a faq. but i need advice! its really a big step for me.

    thanks for your answer!^^
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    Not too old in the slightest bit, not even a little bit too old. You're just slightly above average.
  6. May 16, 2014 #5
    Do you have to start from scratch? Can you not transfer two years of credits and start your swiss course in the second/third year?
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