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AI and the restructuring of society.

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    What does artificial intelligence mean for the future?

    I suspect that it would be highly revolutionary as many jobs would simply be replaced. First, jobs such as flipping burgers and receptionist work would be eliminated. This is obvious, but what is concerning is the rate and timing in which this would take place. AI being self improving makes prediction a quandary. Higher education and training of relevant skills might not be able to keep up with this. This would dramatically narrow the scope of what is considered a marketable skill and completely restructure society.
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    Flipping burgers can already be automated, as can receptionists. The former is probably cost restrictive to implement, while the latter would lower standards of customer service. This doesn't mean that either machine that would replace these jobs would be intelligent. AI doesn't yet exist, unless we move the goal posts to "comparable or better than humans at one specific task."
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    And with that we close this overly speculative thread.
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