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News AIDS Worker Killed

  1. Nov 17, 2004 #1
    http://www.canada.com/national/story.html?id=ccbc6dbf-80ac-4d8c-a04c-166a4d5d0985 [Broken]

    So now, they're killing CARE workers trying to help Iraq too. What are they trying to accomplish? This further proves that terrorists aren't fighting for their country.
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    I suppose they want media attention and tell any foreigners to keep out of Irak. Of course, it can only keep civilian help out, and make Bush want to bring in more soldiers. Seems like digging deeper than they already are.
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    This woman wasn't simply a foreign aid worker: she was an Iraqi citizen of dual citizenship.

    This clearly shows that many (how many?) of the so-called "insurgents" are fighting against the Iraqi people themselves. It isn't just the American soldiers or all Americans or even all westerners - its civilization itself that is the enemy to these people.
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    Yup, they seem to want some other kind of civilization, because they are pissed at the present one. Hassan did have British ties though, so from their point of view, it might be some revenge towards Blair's decision to join Bush's invasion.

    An Iraqi with no western world ties is probably safer from the insurgents, but these poor guys are on a thin line, have to choose between the coalition view of civilisation, and whatever it is exactly that the insurgents want.

    I believe having heard that some kidnapped Lebanese, and French have been released, instead of being executed. I'm not convinced everyone from the civilized world is a potential hijack victim. It's mostly those who are associated to, or can be claimed to be associated to, the coalition agenda.
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    Here's a case where an Iraqi-born Canadian victim was freed :

    http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/World/Iraq/2004/09/23/640946-cp.html [Broken]

    In this case, the group wanted a company to pull out in return.
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    Ahum, according to the Iraq Body Count (http://www.iraqbodycount.org/), a respected organization according to the BBC, estimates the amount of killed Iraqi civilians somewhere between 14.000 and 16.000.

    Amongst them are a number of local people being killed by the same terrorists, especially people volunteering to serve and protect the frail democracic process as soldiers or policemen. It was already clear for a long time the terrorists are not only targeting the "imperialistic" intruders.

    Does it make a difference if somebody dies of beheading, a car bomb, ... ?

    I think it's clear that what we see in Iraq is just a struggle for power after the coalition forces have left the country. Killing allies has become mere a marketing exercise for these people to make themselves popular with that part of the people who will assist in getting or keeping them in power.

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