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Air pressure dependent water evaporation

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    Imagine a water basin, surrounded by air. How does evaporation speed of water change if the air pressure of surrounding air is 1.000Pa, 10.000Pa, 100.000Pa, 1.000.000Pa, 10.000.000Pa. What is an order of magnite of the evaporation speed change. Where can I read more about that?
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    The surprising answer is that it doesn't change. The evaporation speed is dependent on the partial pressure of the water vapor above it, not the total pressure of the air.

    The exception to this is if the air pressure is lower than the water's vapor pressure. Then the water will boil, which significantly increases its evaporation speed (I don't know an exact number though).
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    Does there exist any liquid which would change the evaporation speed as a function of air pressure?
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    You are looking for the "Poynting correction."
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