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Algorithms learning materials and exercises

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    I'm teaching assistant at one university in Bosnia and Herzegovina (department for computer science) and I have recently been chosen to be an assistant at "Introduction to computer algorithms" subject. First few classes are based on mathematical background (induction, recursion, algorithm complexity and so on) and I need to find (or make) some examples and tasks for students from this field and to let them work on it during the lab classes, so I'm looking for literature (english) and examples from this field of science, but as much as possible focused on programming and computer science side. Not regular math examples about induction, but something that could be easily interpreted as computer science engineer problem.

    Do you have any advices where to start from?

    Thank you in advance
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    I already tried there but no luck, there is nothing with focus on mathematical background
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    jim mcnamara

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    Sedgewick's 'Algorithms in C' has (I think) a lot of what you want. How much of it is freely available I do not know.
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