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Alternative chemical energy storage

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    Hi everybody. I have been thinking about this a while and could not come up with anything. I was wondering if there any chemical energy storage method that would have these properties:

    1) it would be easy to produce
    2) it would be easy to extract energy from
    3) it would not have any carbon or hydrogen atom in it
    4) it would be non-toxic and easy to handle in general

    Do you have any ideas for such kind of a chemical energy storage option ?

    I can give you example so that you know what i mean but my example will include hydrogen in it. For example, biodiesel meets requirements 1,2 and 4. we can obtain it from plants and easily use in internal combustion engines. and it is easy to handle. Or other example hydrogen. We can put some solar panels to obtain electricity which would decompose water to get hydrogen and compress it in order to use later easily in internal combustion engine something. Or one more example ammonia, NH3, again easy to produce, handle, use in engines, but a little bit toxic. still has hydrogen in it. So i want something that would meet all requiremetns, 1,2,3 and 4.
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    Note: i gave examples which all require oxygen to work but it is not necessary, also i want that the energy could be extracted as heat, spontaneous heat release not like in battery.
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    Something where the reaction is with oxygen (or even nitrogen?) has the big advantage that you can combust it with the local atmosphere, otherwise you have to transport the oxidizer along with your fuel.

    Ideally, the fuel would be small in volume, and the "ashes" (by-products of combustion) could be retained and recycled into yet more fuel. :!!)
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