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Relativity Alternative to Kleppner - Kolenkow chapter on relativity

  1. Mar 2, 2016 #1
    Hello all.

    I am currently using Kleppner - Kolenkow textbook on classical mechanics, and I am really liking it.

    Now I have finally reached the chapter on spacial relativity, but I have read in several foums that, despite the quaity of the book, this chapter is not as fine as the others (I have not even begun with it, so I can't confirm that claim by myself).

    So, in order to get a good understanding of spacial realtivity, avoiding to read a whole book like Rindler, Taylor and Wheeler, etc., I would like to know if there is another classical mechanics book that treats this topic in a better way than Kleppner and Kolenkow do.

    In the library, I have access to Taylor, Morin, Gregory, and many other classical mechanics textbooks. Can you suggest me one or two of them?

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    A very good introduction is in Landau and Lifshitz vol. II (Classical Field Theory).
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    But I thought that book was a graduate book...

    I just need something at the same level of Kleppner and Kolenkow.

    Anyway, I will take a look to it.

    Thank U
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    Morin, Introduction to Classical Mechanics, has a nice treatment of SR in an appendix. Morin is basically the modern equivalent of K&K.

    You might also find my SR book helpful, although it's at a slightly higher level and has more depth and breadth than you might want. It's free.
  7. Mar 3, 2016 #6
    Thanks all of you for your suggestions.

    I have take a look to Morin's and Taylor's books and I think I will use both them to complement Kleppner and Kolenkow.

    Morin is more modern and Taylor has a nice and more advanced treatment of 4vectors, so I feel they form a good combination.

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