What is Kleppner: Definition and 52 Discussions

Daniel Kleppner, born 1932, is the Lester Wolfe Professor Emeritus of Physics at MIT and co-director of the MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms. His areas of science include Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, and his research interests include Experimental Atomic Physics, Laser Spectroscopy, and High Precision Measurements. He is the winner of the 2005 Wolf Prize in Physics, the 2007 Frederic Ives Medal, and the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Medal. Prof. Kleppner has also been awarded the National Medal of Science (2006). In 2007 he was elected to the American Philosophical Society. Together with Robert J. Kolenkow, he authored a popular introductory mechanics textbook for advanced students. Kleppner graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in 1953, Cambridge University with a B.A. in 1955, and Harvard University with a Ph.D. in 1959.

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  1. F

    Pulling down on the string connected to a whirling block on a table

    At the time of release, the equation of motion of blocks A and B T-m_ag = m_aa and T=m_b\omega^2R respectively, where T is the tension in the string. Solving for the acceleration a then gives a=\frac{m_b\omega^2R - m_ag}{m_a}. Not sure what I did wrong or what incorrect assumptions I made...
  2. T

    I Kleppner Classical mechanics: Question about stability (p.217)

    I have a question understanding the reasoning in the book. The book says in one dimension F=-dU/dr(p.185). From this, the system is stable at distance a when U'(a)=0 and U''(a)>0 where U is differentiated with respect to r.(p.217) My question arises from the instance of a pendulum where a...
  3. warhammer

    Classical How to use Kleppner and Kolenkow and how to employ problem solving?

    I am an undergrad in Physics and got acquainted with the aforementioned book. I want to know how the other PF Members have used the book as such, and do they have some advice for me on the same. I am also inclined to know how does one solve the problems of K&K whose concept may be...
  4. yucheng

    Two rotating coaxial drums and sand transfering between them (Kleppner)

    The solution is simple by noting that the total angular momentum of the system is constant. (Though I overlooked this) Instead, I went ahead analyzing the individual angular momentum of both drums. Let ##L_a## and ##L_b## be the angular momentum respectively. ##M_a##, ##M_b## be the...
  5. LCSphysicist

    Kleppner 7.10 — Using a gyroscope to measure latitude

    I am not sure about a, but i think as long as there is no torque about the Lp direction, it will remain constant with relation to the polar star. I would like help in proof this mathematically. I just don't know how to proceed, i wonder if i would need to consider the torque provide by...
  6. P

    What chapters should I study from Kleppner for IPhO?

    What chapters should I study from kleppner for ipho?
  7. I

    Classical Overwhelmed by the exercises in Kleppner and Kolenkow

    There are a great number of problems found in An Introduction to Mechanics and as some of you already know they can be very difficult. Due to time constraints I cannot tackle all of them nor do I wish to. Could someone please point me to a small set of comprehensive problems? Perhaps from a...
  8. MARX

    Kleppner Mechanics: Disk and coil spring

    Homework Statement A solid disk of mass M and radius R is on a vertical shaft. The shaft is attached to a coil spring that exerts a linear restoring torque of magnitude Cθ, where θ is the angle measured from the static equilibrium position and C is a constant. Neglect the mass of the shaft and...
  9. MARX

    Momentum Kleppner Classical Mechanics Freight Car and Hopper

    Homework Statement Freight car and hopper* An empty freight car of mass M starts from rest under an applied force F. At the same time, sand begins to run into the car at steady rate b from a hopper at rest along the track. Find the speed when a mass of sand m has been transferred.Homework...
  10. F

    Kleppner - blocks and a compressed spring

    Homework Statement A system is composed of two blocks of mass m1 and m2 connected by a massless spring with spring constant k. The blocks slide on a frictionless plane. The unstretched length of the spring is L. Initially m2 is held so that the spring is compressed to L/2 and m1 is forced...
  11. T

    Intro Physics Kleppner Mechanics: am I ready?

    I just finished my junior year in high school. In college, I hope to major in physics and was interested in the honors versions of freshman introductory physics. These all have the prerequisite of a calculus-based mechanics course and use Kleppner as their mechanics textbook. I have so far only...
  12. N

    I Kleppner & Kolenkow derivation error in free precession?

    Hi all. I ended up to this section in K&K (2nd edition, but with 1st is the same) when they derive the wobbling motion of a simple body in torque-free precession. [see the attached file] Equations 8.23 and 8.24 are integrated into 8.25[a|b], but I think signs are wrong. Shouldn't be negative...
  13. StudentOfScience

    Kleppner - Example 1.18: Representation of Position Vector

    Homework Statement Bead on spoke: constant speed ##u## along spoke it starts at center at ##t=0## angular position is given by ##\theta=\omega t##, where ##\omega## is a constant Homework Equations ## \frac{d\hat r}{dt} = \dot \theta \hat \theta ## (1) ## \frac{d\hat \theta}{dt} = -\dot...
  14. Shreyas Shree

    Intro Physics Solutions to Kleppner and Kolenkow

    I am studying Kleppner 2nd ed on my own, and I cannot know whether my answers are correct. I have searched on google, to no avail. Where can I find the solutions?
  15. almarpa

    Algebra Similar book to Kleppner's Quick Caculus for linear algebra

    So anyone of you know a book that provides a gentle and quick refresher for linear algera, in the spirit of the book "Quick Calculus" by Kleppner and Ramsey? Now that I am studying quantum mechanics, I feel I need to review the linear algebra I studied during my engineering degree. Thanks.
  16. Mr Davis 97

    Studying Kleppner and Kolenkow difficulty

    So I have just started my freshman year at college, and I am majoring in physics. For the introductory sequence on mechanics, we are using Kleppner and Kolenkow. After reading the first section on vectors and kinematics, I feel as though I completely understand the material; however, when it...
  17. RedDelicious

    Pole leaning against wall - Kleppner

    Hello, all. I've just been working on Kleppner to touch up on my knowledge of mechanics and general problem solving skills and I'm running into a bit of trouble on this leaning pole one in chapter 2. 1. Homework Statement A pole of negligible mass leans against a wall, at angle θ with the...
  18. P

    Classical Should I use Morin or Kleppner and Kolenkow

    I'm not really sure which one to use. Also, where does one go after that ? Taylor ? Symon? Thank you!
  19. almarpa

    Relativity Alternative to Kleppner - Kolenkow chapter on relativity

    Hello all. I am currently using Kleppner - Kolenkow textbook on classical mechanics, and I am really liking it. Now I have finally reached the chapter on spatial relativity, but I have read in several foums that, despite the quaity of the book, this chapter is not as fine as the others (I have...
  20. G

    Classical Alternative to Kleppner & kolenkow problems

    Hey all, I'm loving an Introduction to Mechanics, but I'm finding the problems in the book are quite hard. Is there another book I could do for intro problems? I'd still like to do the problems in an introduction to mechanics, but I need some easier problems as a base
  21. R

    Kleppner Power and Kinetic Energy Conceptual Questions

    Homework Statement This is actually two problems, both of which i have already successfully solved, I just have conceptual questions about the results. 5.18 Sand and conveyor belt Sand runs from a hopper at constant rate dm/dt onto a horizontal conveyor belt driven at constant speed V by a...
  22. D

    Classical Is Kleppner/Kolenkow's second edition worth buying?

    I have access to a copy of the first edition and would like to use this book to strengthen what I've learned in my first physics course in Engineering school. I know there is a second edition though, and I was wondering if the difference between the two is large enough to justify just buying...
  23. G

    Kleppner 2nd edition (2.3.)

    Hey. I'm studying Kleppner's book and I have a few questions about the example 2.3. Astronauts' Tug-of-War. It's said that "The negative sign means that aB is to the left", but in the diagram represents aB to the right... Why is this happening? Or are we talking about different situations? In...
  24. Amrator

    Intro Physics Kleppner for Physics for Scientists and Engineers I

    Would it be a good idea to use Kleppner's Intro to Mechanics and Knight's Physics for Scientists and Engineers together for a first semester calculus-based physics course (I will also be taking Calculus 2)? I would read Kleppner and do the problems in Knight. I hear really good things about...
  25. almarpa

    Euler equations in rigid body: Taylor VS Kleppner - Kolenkow

    Hello all. After reading both chapters on rigid body motion both in Kleppner - Kolenkow and Taylor books, I still do not undertand the physical meaning of Euler equations. Let me explain: In Kleppner - Kolenkow, they claim (page 321 - 322) that in Euler equations, Γ1, Γ2 and Γ3 are the...
  26. T

    Kleppner & Kolenkow's or David Morin for mechanics (IPhO)

    I've been down to these two books on classical mechanics, and I can decide as to which to choose. I've heard that the David Morin book has rather nice problems, but isn't quite that excellent with the explanations. As for the book by Daniel Kleppner and Robert Kolenkow, it seems to be good with...
  27. almarpa

    Classical Classical mechanics: Taylor or Kleppner/Kolenkow?

    Hello all. I know both books cover some different topics, but for the topics they share, which one do you think is better? I have checked the first chapters in both books, and, for the time being, I can't decide. So, if anyone of you have used these textbooks, maybe you can give me a piece of...
  28. G

    Center of mass of an equilateral triangle (Kleppner)

    Homework Statement Find the center of mass of an equilateral triangle with side ##a## Homework Equations ## \vec R = \frac{1}{M} \int \vec r \ dm ## ## dm = \frac{M}{A} dx dy ## ## A = \frac{\sqrt{3}}{4}a^2 ## The Attempt at a Solution I set a pair of orthogonal axis ##(\vec x,\vec y)##...
  29. G

    Kleppner and Kolenkow (block sliding in a ring)

    Homework Statement A block of mass ##m## slides on a frictionless table. It is constrained to move inside a ring of radius ##l## which is fixed on the table. At ##t=0##, the block is moving along the inside of the ring with tangential velocity ##v_0##. The coefficient of friction between the...
  30. G

    Kleppner Kolenkow 2.34 (mass whirling around on a string)

    Homework Statement A mass m whirls around on a string which passes through a ring. Neglect gravity. Initially, the mass is distance ##r_0## from the center and is revolving at angular velocity ##\omega_0##. The string is pulled with constant velocity ##V## starting at ##t=0## so that the radial...
  31. Ghost117

    Kleppner & Kolenkow's "intro"

    Hi everyone, I'm using this book to study independently and was wondering if I focus mostly on the end of chapter problems, instead of spending countless hours understanding the abstract explanations, would this be ok?
  32. 3

    Angular momentum - kleppner and kolenkow - derivation or definition?

    I am reading "An Introduction to Mechanics" by Kleppner and Kolenkow (2014). On page 241 is the definition of the angular momentum: "Here is the formal definition of the angular momentum $$\vec{L}$$ of a particle that has momentum $$\vec{p}$$ and is at position $$\vec{r}$$ with respect to a...
  33. T

    Kleppner as first time seeing physics

    Hey everybody! I was wondering if it's reasonable to use Kleppner as my first time learning physics? (Self-Study) Also what are all your opinions of Feynman's Lectures of Physics (with the problem book) as an intro, if Kleppner is over the top? Thank you! With my heart on my sleeve, The Thinker
  34. T

    Kleppner then Morin or quick intro then Morin?

    I have choice between using Kleppner then doing Morin right after or using some quick intro to mechanics then Morin, what do you guys think? Thank you for your input :) With my heart on my sleeve, The Thinker
  35. T

    How Does Krane Compare to Kleppner & Purcell in Depth and Difficulty?

    I know that Kleppner and Purcell are deeper, but does HRK even come close? Also how far is HRK from HRW in depth of coverage and difficulty? Thanks!
  36. Radarithm

    Kleppner and Kolenkow 5.10 - Falling Chain

    Homework Statement A chain of mass M and length ##\ell## is suspended vertically with its lowest end touching a scale. The chain is released and falls onto the scale. What is the reading of the scale when a length of chain, ##x##, has fallen? (Neglect the size of individual links.)...
  37. Radarithm

    What to do after Kleppner and Purcell?

    What would be a good mechanics book after K&K that includes Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics? Also, would Griffiths' Electrodynamics be suitable after Purcell? What about Griffiths' Quantum Mechanics (ignoring the math pre-reqs)?
  38. jbunniii

    Kleppner - Block on wedge with friction

    Homework Statement This is problem 2.17 from Kleppner and Kolenkow, 2nd edition. It is the first problem involving friction, and I want to check my reasoning. A block rests on a wedge on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of friction of the block on the wedge is ##\mu##. Gravity is directed...
  39. jbunniii

    Kleppner - Pedagogical Machine

    Edit: I think I may have found my problem. See my second post below. Homework Statement I'm trying to solve this problem from Kleppner and Kolenkow: But I seem to be missing something because my answer doesn't match the clue. I have worked out the entire problem but I want to focus on...
  40. jbunniii

    Masses on table - Acceleration of Connected Objects

    Homework Statement This is problem 2.9 from Kleppner and Kolenkow, 2nd edition. I think I got it right, just want to check since I'm self-studying. Masses on table Two masses, ##A## and ##B##, lie on a frictionless table, as shown (see my crudely drawn figure in the thumbnail :-p). They are...
  41. O

    Thomas and Finney Calc to prep for Kleppner and Purcell Physics

    So I have been interested in trying to do some physics that require more heavy use of calculus. I plan on getting Kleppner's mechanics book as well as Purcells E&M book. Having been out of school for so long, I need to brush up on my calculus, and I was wondering what the best approach would...
  42. V

    Dot Product Clarification (Kleppner & Kolenkow p.9)

    Problem: In Kleppner's book, Introduction to Mechanics, he states "By writing \vec{A} and \vec{B} as the sums of vectors along each of the coordinate axes, you can verify that \vec{A} \cdot \vec{B} = A_{x}B_{x} + A_{y}B_{y} + A_{z}B_{z}." He suggests summing vectors, but since the sum of two...
  43. bcrowell

    Classical An Introduction to Mechanics by Daniel Kleppner and Robert J. Kolenkow

    Author: Daniel Kleppner and Robert J. Kolenkow Title: An Introduction to Mechanics Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0521198119/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Prerequisities: Table of Contents: 1. Vectors and kinematics - a few mathematical preliminaries 2. Newton's laws - the foundations of...
  44. A

    Rolling Coin, Kleppner and Kolenkow, off by a factor of 3

    Homework Statement If you start a coin rolling on a table with care, you can make it roll in a circle. The coin "leans" inward, with its axis tilted. The radius of the coin is b. The radius of the circle traced by the coin's center of mass is R, and the velocity of its center of mass is v. The...
  45. A

    Kleppner & Kolenkow find the tension of a rotating loop of string

    Hello, I am a high school student trying to learn physics out of Kleppner and Kolenkow. Unfortunately, the solutions to some of the problems are not available online, nor is a solutions manual available, so I am unable to find out where I am wrong in some cases, such as this one. I would...
  46. Y

    Classical Mechanics Kleppner Problem

    Homework Statement An Instrument carrying a projectile accidentally explodes at he top of its trajectory.The horizontal distance b/w the launch point and the point of explosion is L. The projectile breaks into 2 pieces which fly horizontally apart. The larger piece has three time the mass of...
  47. R

    Textbook Error in Kleppner n' Kolenkow?

    It seems that Kleppner and Kolenkow made an error when they derived Euler's equations for rigid body motion, but they somehow managed to get the right answer, so I'm a little confused. The customary derivation is to consider the principal axes as fixed to the rigid body, and then to transfer...
  48. J

    Kleppner and Kolenkow - Pulleys

    Homework Statement Masses M1 and M2 are connected to a system of strings and pulleys as shown. The strings are massless and inextensible, and the pulleys are massless and frictionless. Find the acceleration of M1. http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/3758/cimg0572.jpg Homework Equations...
  49. P

    Self-studier w/ kleppner & kolenkow question

    Hi, This is my first post. I'm reviewing mechanics out of K&K and have a question about problem 4.5: "Mass m whirls on a frictionless table, held to a circular motion by a string which passes through a hole in the table. The string is slowly pulled through the hole so that the radius of the...