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Am I doing it right?

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    I just downloaded JDK (Java Development Kit) from http://java-development-kit-jdk.en.softonic.com/ but after downloading, when I click on the start menu and click on the All Programs, I have Java and Java Development Kit. And when I click on JDK, it has Java Mission Control and Reference Documentation. Am I doing this right? Where do I compile and run Java?
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    There are two command java for running programs and javac for compiling programs

    the next level is to construct an ant script or a maven script. These are build tools that people use to make consistent builds
    as they develop their project with many java classes.

    but professional programmers tire of these and move quickly to using netbeans or eclipse.

    My feeling is you should be looking for tutorials via google and working though them instead of constantly asking
    questions and cherrypicking the answers.
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    And my feeling as well. With that, this thread is closed.
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