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Amplifier Power Cord Replacement

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    I severed the power cord to an amplifier of mine and I am trying to replace it. My amplifier seems to have a pretty standard 3-prong power cord. Printed on it is:

    E88265-C SVT 75 degree celcius 18AWGX3C VW-1 CSA TYPE LL81924

    I googled some of these part numbers but none of them seem to have the same kind of connection that my amplifier does. Picture attached.

    Is there a specific name for this kind of connection?

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    You have push on spade connectors. You have the female part attached to the wire. The male part is a lug or tang on the switch.

    Versions that crimp on to the cable with pliers can be obtained from automotive stores, get the correct size.
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    Just to give an example of what you can get at automotive stores:


    I would use a cheap crimp tool instead of pliers.
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    You could connect an inline IEC socket to the 3 wires coming from the amplifier (if there is enough wire) and then use a standard IEC power cable to connect to the mains.


    This would save you having to fit spade connectors.
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    I like this idea! Thanks. This forum is so handy some times.
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    If you go for the plug and socket solution the IEC pair is definitely not recommended as it is not a locking fit.

    If you go this route there are several locking connector pairs to choose from.
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    Why would it need to lock? This is just an amplifier, not a power tool.

    Every computer uses these connectors and I've never seen one come apart. They make a firm connection and they are very reliable.
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    Any push-in / pull-out arrangement is at risk of displacement by any jerk in the cable. This is one reason why the cable in a BS plug is at right angles to the entry line of the conecting pins. The cable in IEC plugs is inline with the terminals.

    David (no offence meant) has already demonstrated that cables are at some risk in his environment and this connection is meant to be semi-permanent, not just a temporary one off.

    If the plug becomes loose in the socket, the connection will still apparantly function correctly but arcing will occur which could eventually lead to a fire. I have seen this happen.

    Just on this monrning's news there was a report of someone who has a laptop in bed , obstructing the fan, and set fire to his flat.
    There are some 50,000 electrically caused fires in the UK alone per year - A frightening number.
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    http://customavrack.com/Category/145-nema-twist-locking-power-cords-15a-20a-30a-in-stock-ships-within-24-hours.aspx" [Broken] will terminate NEMA locking power cords or different custom IEC configurations at just about any length and ship it within a day or two
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