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Analytical solution of an integral

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    Can anyone help me about analytical solution of this Integral?

    the integral is written in the word file attached here.

    Many Thanks in advance,

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    1. Microsoft Word is notorious for harboring viruses. Many people will not even open a "Word" file.

    2. Since Microsoft is no longer allowed to bundle "Word" with "Windows", many people do not have "Word".

    3. If this problem is not important enough for you to key in
    [tex]\int_0^\infty \frac{dw}{(w_n^2- w^2)^2+ 4w_n^2w^2z^2}[/tex]
    yourself, should other people take the trouble to do it for you?

    The integral of
    [tex]\int\frac{dx}{x^2+ a^2}[/tex]
    is arctan(x/a)+ C.
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    Dear HallsofIvy,

    Thanks for your advice and the solution you gave, but I think if you take another look into the integral, you would obveiously notice that the integral is much different of what you have given in the solution and will not result in an "arctan" solution, otherwise, be sure that I would not bother myself and the others to post it here!

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