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Ancient harbour

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    This was on tv today, it seems to me that boat building could stretch way back into pre history.

    PHILADELPHIA — Surprising insights about ancient shipbuilding have floated to the surface from the submerged remnants of two major harbors, one on Israel’s coast and the other bordering Istanbul, Turkey. Researchers described their finds January 9 at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America.

    Analyses of salvaged crafts indicate that shipbuilders started making sophisticated frames for their vessels by about 1,500 years ago, 500 years earlier than had been suspected, reported Yaakov Kahanov of the University of Haifa in Israel. By a few hundred years later, craft constructors had steadily improved hull designs for a diverse collection of ships, says Cemal Pulak of Texas A&M University in College Station.
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    Hi wolram,

    You may be surprised to find that harbours for large ships have existed long before 2000 years ago. For instance, have you seen the ships buried beside the Gaza Plataeu Pyramids? (these are at least 5000 years old)

    http://ashrafegyptguide.com/SolarBoat-2-large-web.jpg [Broken]

    Also, the harbour that was constructed in Cambay India, but is now 120 feet underwater... after the last glacial maximum "meltwater" pulse was designed for large, trading ships. Perhaps I'm mis combobulating what you're saying. Do you mean "really complicated" ship hulls?

    (A collection of colossal underwater structures)

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    Well lets say more than a dug out, the Cambay India thing sounds interesting, i will enjoy looking that up, thanks.
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    We cannot rule out the Phoenicians who built sea worthy ships as long ago as 7000 years bp. If you look at some of their designs these might fit your criteria for a "sophisticated" hull.

    Check this out...

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