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Angular velocity to horizontal?

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    angular velocity to horizontal??

    hey, i was just wondering whether a costant angular velocity can be converted to an equivilant straight horizontal or vertical acceleration as angular velocity is already considered to be a constant acceleration??
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    Hi rustys111! :wink:
    not following you :confused:

    can you give an example? :smile:
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    Re: angular velocity to horizontal??

    Let's consider a classical form of constant angular rotation, a "sleeping" yoyo toy. Because the string on the yoyo is loose, the yoyo can spin at the bottom of the extended string, or "sleep" (I think this is the correct word). When you yank the string, the yoyo will "wake up" and start climbing the string, and if it has enough "spin" or angular momentum, it can climb the string all the way up to your hand. This is an example of angular momentum and energy being converted into linear momentum and energy. However, the source of the momentum and energy is not conversion of angular "acceleration", but it is the constant angular velocity. The "acceleration" you may be referring to is the centripital force on any mass in a rotating object, which is perpendicular to the instantaneous velocity of that mass, and does not change the magnitude of the velocity, only its direction. Because the magnitide of the velocity is not being changed, the energy of that mass is not being changed. This comment applies to every mass in the rotating object.
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    Re: angular velocity to horizontal??

    k u if you knew omega rad/s how much the angle is changing with respect to time
    omega kinda looks like w then you could fing the tangential velocity by
    (omega)(r) r=radius so u would know how fast the oustide of the circle is roatating
    then you could figure the period of the circle how long it takes to make 1 full revoltion
    and if we knew the diamter then u could do v=d/t how much distance the outside of the circle divided by thhe time.
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    Hi cragar! :smile:

    Have an omega: ω :wink:
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    Re: angular velocity to horizontal??

    sweet thanks
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