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Another 3rd degree polynomial question

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    3. The attempt at a solution

    - I'm still having a hard time remembering how to do 3rd degree polynomials. If somebody could explain this to me, that would be great. This is actually part of an eigenvalue problem and I need to factor it so I can get my eigenvalues.
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    Are you sure that is the correct polynomial you got? You should either post the eigenvalue/vector problem or re-check your work. As the "normal" methods you would use to solve a polynomial will not work for that one.

    (Really really not nice answers!)

    But anyhow to really answer your question what you need is http://library.thinkquest.org/C0110248/algebra/remfactintro.htm
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    Let me go back and rework the problem. It's very possible I screwed my math up...seem to be doing that a lot tonight.
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