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Any advice on buying a new digital Camera?

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    Hey yall. I live in north of Boston and I am headinf down to West Palm Beach Florida for a long overdue vacation with my girlfriend. I have a kodak easy share that is a little clunky since is a few years old. It is a 5 MP and it takes decent shots.

    I am looking for something slimmer that can fit in my pocket that takes pics that are similar in quality. I think Sony makes a 'slimshot' or 'cybershot' or something like that.

    Anyone have something that sounds like what I am looking for? How do you like it?

    Just looking for some feedback on some cameras that some of you might own.

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    Perhaps try this

    http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sidebyside.asp [Broken]
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    Not going to make the jump to a digital SLR? [Canon Rebel XTi]
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    The most important thing, IMO, is looking at the camera's lag time between pressing the shutter release and when the picture is taken. From what I have read and experienced, that time is mostly a function of how long it takes the camera to update its CCD. I just replaced my Nikon Coolpix because of just that reason.No matter what mode I was shooting in, the lag times were horrible. I went to a digital SLR and I am never going back. That being said, my wife has a small Olympus point and shoot that is small but has a nice sized screen. It kicks but for a point and shoot.

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    I love my Sony Cybershot. I have last years' 7mp version.
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    My wife is a pretty sharp shutterbug and she tolerated our first point and shoot for some nanoseconds before going back to SLR. Its unavoidably larger and more $ but a few blurred pics on the point and shoot of something you care about makes the point. SLR eliminates the lag.
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    I'd say go with a Canon. The ELF (sp?) are a nice series as are the powershots.
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    Shutterlag and power on time ( how long after awitching it on can you take a pitcure) are the most important.
    If you travel a lot battery type is also important, if it can take AA batteries you can buy them anywhere or carry lots of rechargeables - if it takes a custom Li-Ion battery you are forced to carry the charger or docking station with you everywhere.
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    Yes, but the Li Ions are really nice and seem to hold charge much longer. I only have to recharge my Olympus Evolt E-500 (DSLR) every few months and that is with fair usage.
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