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Any good problem book on Electrodynamics & Thermodynamics

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    I am going to take Electrodynamics & Thermodynamics for the next semester, I am wondering if there are good problem books with solutions on these topics? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Jackson's book on Electrodynamics is very good but requires a good deal of mathematical skills.

    For a beginner in Electrodynamics, I suggets this book.


    I have this book and it is very good. The authors website is also of great use.

    If you decide to use Jackson's book make sure you use the newest one (blue colored cover) because the red colored one uses an imaginary time approach. This method is frowned upon and has been corrected in the newest edition.

    For Thermodynamics what approach are you looking for? Statistical, Engineering, ...

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    Thanks for ur reply, for thermodynamics I mean the undergraduate level theromodynamics course for students majored in physics, since I am myself a physics major.
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    I would use the following book for thermodynamics. This was the book I used in college.

    Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics 3rd Edition

    by Gordon J. Van Wylen and Richard E. Sontag

    It is a very good book.

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