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Any natural, non-flammable, alternative to acrylic cement?

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    I am doing a project that relates to welding acrylic. I got the bottle today, and I can't use it because its flammable and has chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer (makes you wonder why the hell they would market this crap). Are there any clean, non-flammable, and cancer-free alternatives for acrylic cement?
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    ALL chemicals are known "by the state of California" to cause cancer/bad breath/acne /the heartbreak of psoriasis ----- .
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    Acrylic cement won't explode or cause cancer as long as you take simple precautions when working with it.
    1. adequate ventilation.
    2. protective gloves, (eye protection too just in case of a splash)
    3. no naked flames anywhere near.
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    My main concern is that I am using a heat lamp over the acrylic? What would you suggest?
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    What is the heat lamp for?, acrylic cement is a fast acting solvent which does it's job very quickly without needing to be heated.
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