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Any one from China

  1. Apr 13, 2004 #1
    Any one from China?
    I want to learn Chinese. How to do that.
    Any free Chinese language learning software available? :biggrin:
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    There are many different languages spoken in China. You probably want to learn one of the more common ones, such as Mandarin. At discount stores and computer stores, there are very reasonably priced "immersion" language-learning CDs. These are a good start if you learn by hearing. They are a poor choice if you mainly learn by vision. Your local library may have book/CD sets available. Our library has many sets, and the CDs are in good shape. Do you live near a university? You can go to the library and study the book in the Reserve Room (they will have at least one copy on reserve) and then go to the language lab and listen to the tapes. However, it depends on the university. Some make you show an ID to get into the lab; some don't. Depends on how the place is run. Here in West Texas you can go right on in. We're a friendly part of the country. (If you don't act friendly, we beat you up.) Good luck. Try a Google search, too: "Learn Chinese Free"
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    Oops, I just noticed you're over in Pakistan. Well, I doubt you have any Wal-Marts over there. Can you try to get someone over there on a mission from a U.S. church to get you a CD and book? Tell them you want it so that YOU can go on a mission to China in the future. That's not a lie; you may really want to go on a mission someday. Let's see, don't approach anyone from the Church of Christ. Try Assembly of God. Try First Church of the Nazarene. Baptists are a long shot, but try them if they look friendly. If you can find any sincere Jesus-Freaks over there, like from Church In the Wind, try them. I'll do a Google search and report any good links later.
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    omg, go to a missionaire? There is more to Pakistan than a big desert you know (just check the person's profile).
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    Um.. with the little bit of Chinese I know, it is a very difficult language to learn since the way a word is pronounced significantly alters its meaning. If you are going to learn it, you should really be doing it by ear.. let me see if we can get some Chinese people in here (because there are a few on this board).
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    What is wrong with suggesting someone seek a book/CD from a missionary? The person is asking for free materials, might be low on cash, maybe a student or something. As a former missionary, I feel it's a good bet to approach someone sincere. I obtained lots of stuff to give to the people I met. It had nothing to do with religion, rather than attempting to follow in the steps of someone who lived and loved to serve.

    I don't read people's profiles; I'm not interested in what they say about themselves.

    As for Pakistan not just being a big desert, I wouldn't know nor care. I live in the middle of a big desert. Did you know or care?

    I just like to give some advice when I feel I can. It's nice advice and it's well-meant and sincere. Many people can't claim the same. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
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    Well sorry, it just came across a little odd. And I said it is móre than a big desert, as I'm sure Texas is too :)
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    As Holly told you, google "Learn chinese free" and you can get a lot of resources.

    I would like to suggest you to learn Manderin also, the official spoken language used in China. It is because Manderin is easier to learn compare to other spoken languages in China. Although each Chinese word is pronounced very differently in different regions in China, I think many Chinese people know Manderin.

    As for Chinese words or Chinese characters, there are two versions as well. They are the simplified Chinese characters and the traditional Chinese characters. Simplified Chinese is widely used in mainland China and traditional Chinese is widely used in Hong Kong and in Tai Wan. The structures of traditional Chinese characters are more complicated then the simplified ones. However, even if you can read traditional Chinese characters, it doens't mean you can read simplified chinese characters as well. So I think for starters, you can choose either one to learn but you must stick to it and don't shift from the simplifed version to traditional version or the other way round too often. In fact, many chinese characters in these two version are the same, so you don't have to worry too much about which version to choose. :wink:

    By the way, I'm from Hong Kong, China and I speak Cantonese (I don't speak Manderin well). However, don't expect too much help from me as I'm always VERY busy. Also, I may not be able to continue posting in this thread in this month because I have a lot of things to do. :smile: Perhaps in May, I'll have more time. :wink:
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    Any more comments on my profile :biggrin:

    I think, I have to learn the official Chinese language first i.e. Manderin. Am I right?
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    I think that depends on your purpose of learning Chinese. If you want be able to communicate with Chinese, I think Manderin would be the best choice. If you want to stay in Hong Kong for some time, Cantonese would be the best. If you want to learn Chinese for just want to know one more language, then it's up to you to choose. Moreover you can use Manderin to communicate with Hong Kongers but people in Bei Jing or Shang Hai may not be able to understand Cantonese.
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    Oh my god, I am meeting my countryman!!!!! And he likes the Impossible Dream TOO. Nay Ho, oh my god!!! This is unreal!!! I am from Hong Kong too, and I speak Cantonese (and Mandarin). This is SURREAL. Electrophysics, sorry I cannot respond to your post, I am still in a state of shock!!!!!!
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    OH MY GOD !!! :eek: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT !!!! :eek: :eek:
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    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Polly, check your private message inbox.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    There was no way that the amazed and beguiled readers at PF could have realized that, later, it was discovered that KL and Polly are in fact siblings - twins that were separated at birth.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2004
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    Nay ho!
    Ain't it good I got KL in here to post? :biggrin:
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    Hello I'm a Chinese from Brunei (that's way south of China) and I would just like to warn you of the different accents Chinese is spoken in. Where I am from, though the written words are identical to what they have in China, the spoken accent is not. Chinese teachers here try to remedy that but they often fail.

    I'm not really an expert in Chinese, but PrudensOptimus seems well versed in Chinese (if you look back in the General Discussion threads you'll see that he has posted the lyrics to several Chinese Songs). Maybe you should try getting hold of him.
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    Nay ho Nay ho. Phew I have finally got my wits back, so here is my answer to your question ElectroPhysics. I agree entirely with KL and would say the choice ultimately depends on your desination and purpose of learning the language. One other thing, Cantonese is only a dialect while Mandarin will be (one of) the lingua franca in the future (according to the soothsayers :biggrin: ) and many many native speakers of Cantonese in Hong Kong are learning Mandarin, so you see the trend.
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    jimmy p

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    ah Ivan you are a scream. I have a friend from Hong Kong who speaks Cantonese....(thats just some thread relevance) ooh, and he taught me how to write "big man" and say "Hi" in Cantonese so I'm well on the way!
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    Nay Ho!
    Ask your friend to teach you write "mathematics" in Chinese. :biggrin: When I meet my friends, I usually say hi (in English).
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