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Any suggestions!

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    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering, i had a test in Abstract Algebra, and i got a 85, which roughly means a B, and i am really pissed off at myself, because if i only had been less stressful during the test i could have easily gotten a score above 90...because not more than 1 hour or sth after the test, i was able to figure out my mistakes. We are gonna have two or three more tests before the final exam, so how badly will this affect my chances for eventually making an A in the course?

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    Doesn't your course syllabus tell you how the final grade will be calculated?
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    I think it says sth like this: 20% each midterm, 10% homework assignments, and the rest the final. I guess we have 3 mid-terms.
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    I assume you're a math major if you're taking Abstract Algebra. I think you can figure out exactly what you need.
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    Well, yeah, i got it!
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    So your grade was [tex]85+90i[/tex]. The real part of your score was 85, and the imaginary part was 90.
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    Now, you KNOW mathematicians can't do arithmetic! We get into mathematics so we can use "x"s and "y"s instead of all those complicated numbers!
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    Just to be more precise...lol...!!!!
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