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Any Thoughts on Aerospace Engineering Universities

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    Hi. I plan to major in aerospace engineering after high school. My question in, does it matter where I go for my undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering?

    The in-state public university has an AE program, but isn't accredited by ABET.

    I was wondering whether I should stay in state and pay less for tuition, or go out of state to an accredited school but pay more. Would accreditation by ABET matter? Or should I be worrying more about graduate school?

    Any suggestions?
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    It MUST be ABET.
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    If you look at the engineering job boards, you will see the phrase "...degree in Engineering from an ABET accredited institution..." in many places.

    Perhaps there is a reason why someone would voluntarily take an engineering degree from a non-ABET-accredited program, but I can't imagine what it would be.
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    Go to a school in southern california. All of the aerospace companies are there. It'll make a huge difference to you for summer jobs and at graduation. If that's too far from home, look for an ABET school with a big aerospace employer in town. Another option is to do the first two years at your local non-ABET school and transfer to an ABET school for your last two years. Once you're working, the bigger aerospace companies will have evening graduate programs with tuition reimbursement.
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    Er, what about Washington state and Wichita, Kansas? Wichita has a large aerospace industry, with Boeing and Cessna right there, and Wichita State has a respected engineering program. http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=aero_eng&p=/xaerospaceengineering
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