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Any tips for a struggling Engineer major?

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    I'm currently doing Electrical Engineering. My main problem is math, and it's mostly my fault. I did the minimum work I needed in calculus 1 and 2 and it's kicking my butt in calculus 3 (I have failed it once before). I don't remember the basic stuff from calculus 1 and 2 is the big problem in this class. Like for finding the arc length of a curve, I can do it all right up until the point where I have to find the integral haha. My main problem with this is that I'm not actually bad in math, I just really suck at studying. I don't know how I can fix my study habits since even if I'm studying in a quiet library with no electronics, my mind wanders elsewhere.
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    Don't study alone, get into a study group, attend help sessions, consider a government job.

    Seriously, the world needs engineers of all levels, those who understand the whole concept including the underlying math, and people to work for them carrying out directed tasks that don't require global understanding. If that is still too much work, management.
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