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Any weakly right-handed protons?

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    I expect you've heard about how the proton's weak charge has been measured directly:


    Their findings so far are completely consistent with the standard model apparently.

    So protons (and electrons) on Earth have now been directly measured to be weakly left-handed.

    But could there be a sector of particles with weakly right-handed electrons and protons that would give opposite results?
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    What do you mean with "sector of particles"? Other particle types (which would get other names)? If they would have any similarity to electrons and protons, where are they?
    The same particles? Well, apparentely they just couple this way.
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    Indeed a number of such models have been proposed. Google "left-right symmetric models".
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    Here's a link to the theory of mirror matter:


    Mirror matter proponents like Dr Robert Foot believe that dark matter consists of mirror atoms that mainly only interact among themselves through mirror photons.
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    Note that, as I said, there's a variety of such models, of which mirror matter is one. The basic idea remains that the symmetry group of nature contains two copies of weak isospin, SU(2)L and SU(2)R. The breaking scale for SU(2)R will be higher, there may be additional fermions, and the two Higgs sectors may or may not have similar structure.

    Mirror matter goes a step beyond this, duplicating the entire symmetry group of the standard model, including the color group.
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