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Anyone help me with MATLAB?

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    Hi to everyone.I were to solve a nonlinear equations system consisting of two unknown parameters and two equations.I have written a Matlab m-file to define the functions in order to solve them by embeded fsolve Matlab command.But I end up with an error occuring on the command window, when i attempt to solve the equations by typing
    >> x0=[0.0157;0.01585];
    >> [x, functionvalue, control, feature]=fsolve('saumrd',x0);
    where saumrd is the name of the m-file in which I defined the functions.The error occured after typing the above script on command window is as follows:

    Maximum number of function evaluations reached:
    increase options.MaxFunEvals.

    Is ther anyone who will comment on the error and guide me to overcome this proplem?Thanking you so much.
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    Dr Transport

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    Look at your documentation, you're not converging to an answer within the number of maximum iterations allowed by fsolve. Look in the fsolve.m file and increase options.MaxFunEvals.
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