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Anyone know of a good book for manufacturing or industrial physics?

  1. Sep 20, 2011 #1
    anyone know of a good book for manufacturing or industrial physics?

    thank you for any suggestions.
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    That question is too broad to really provide it depends on what you wish to manufacture or what aspect of industry your looking for as all industries and manufacturing use physics.
    Are you looking for motion control, temperature control etc etc etc. Its doubtful you will find a single book that will cover all aspects of industry or manufacturing.
    A couple of things are obvious they all involve force so study netwonian rules. Engineering math requires laptase transforms for motion prediction. All the above need a good comprehension of electricity. Those 3 aspects are fundamantal in most industries and manufacturing.

    Edit forgot to add hydraulics and fluidic/pressure laws hope this helps at least it will get you started in some major areas of study for your question
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