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Homework Help: Anyone know where I can get previous years' AP Physics C exams?

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    My midterm is basically going to simulate a real AP exam. So I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get previous year's AP physics C Mechanics exams so I can practice. Thanks a lot.
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    I have all of the AP C Exams and solutions since 1974 if you want those.
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    Princeton Review sells the AP exams in bookstores :)
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    antiderivative, u're a god! Please share the wealth.
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    antiderivative, what format do u have those tests in?
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    Tests are in Microsoft Word documents, solutions are in .pdf files. I'll try to email them to you.
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    Hey Antiderivative, do you think you can send me the 1995 AP Physics C: Mechanics free response solutions? Thanks in advance.
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    The www.collegeboard.com website might have some past exams.

    I don't remember if they're actual exams or just sample exams.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, I checked collegeboard and they don't have the older exams...maybe they're archived somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.
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    Antiderivative, would you mind emailing me those tests? I'm an AP Physics C student right now and preparing for the exam and the more practice the better!

    Thank you!
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    Hey Antiderivative, could you please send me those exams too if it's not too much trouble for you? thanks!!
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    antiderivative any chance you could also send me the free reponse questions and solutions from 1995-1997? this would be useful as the collegboard doesnt have them anymore
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    actually anyone got these solutions?

    it would be beneficial to me if anyone who has the 1995 free response solutions would be able to send them to me at lunarskull@yahoo.com. thanks in advance:biggrin: asap plz. haha like tomorrow morning :D
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    bam bam

    whoa!! 1995 free response!! im looking for those too man :bugeye: maybe i can get the copies too antiderivative?? or from someone else perhaps?
  17. Apr 17, 2006 #16
    pm me

    if by any chance you get these solutions in the mean time, could you pm them to me? thanks:biggrin:
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    Hey there- I read that some of you have the tests and answers to the AP exams from back in '74 up to now, and was wondering if someone would mind sending them to me? If you can do this, please send me a PM.

    I would appreciate it more than you'll ever know =)

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    oooo. is it possible that i too get those AP physics C exams from 1974 to the latest. From whoever has them
  21. Oct 18, 2006 #20
    Ap physics C exams

    if anyone has them please PM me. thanks
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