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Anyone with ATA memory I/F design experience?

  1. Jan 6, 2012 #1
    I am trying to find someone who has some experience designing interfaces with a component built off the PATA standard. Preferably in a non disk drive/cabling interface, but more of a FPGA based interface control for the memory on same PCB -- granted any ATA interface experience could help answer some of my questions regarding if this is the optimal path, developement issues, limitations, etc?

    I want to use an FPGA to control this memory device which is an 8Gb NANDrive, PATA memory with built in MCU to translate host signals/commands/ and media wear leveling, etc.

    The device I am looking at is http://www.greenliant.com/products/?inode=46308

    I have read that SATA memory devices (serial vs parallel) will be taking over, but I assume (and hoping for confirmation on my assumption) this information was strictly referring to the PC based disk drive/cabling interface application since the serial uses less I/Os, but for other applications (recording streamed telemetry data), I would think there will always be a strong market for these PATA devices.

    Any info is greatly appreciated!
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