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Anyone work as a Data Scientist/Data Miner/in Machine Learning?

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    This seems to be the new 'it' job in the tech sector and I'm considering getting into this line of work, but because it seems relatively new I'm having trouble finding out what it's like to work as a data scientist. The two things I'm somewhat concerned about is if the work is interesting or not and the male/female ratio, since I know programming work is notorious for being all men. Thanks.
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    Well, you better get into it before a flood of applicants makes jobs scarce ; )

    Personally I think it would be interesting since I enjoy exploratory data analysis and modeling data. I often think about applying for positions in the industry (as I'm in the bay area where data mining is big). Check out this website:
    for some of the type of problems encountered in the field. Scoring well on one of these competitions would go far towards getting a job.

    I imagine the sex ratio is as awful as any hard STEM field.
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    Yup, data mining is fun. So are men :) A lot more fun than spamming forums to get people to look at your web site...
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    You know, I thought about this statement and I have to agree. Men are fun.....and I say this in a non-homosexual way. Just men, in general, are more fun to be around than girls. Girls just complicate everything.

    Other than that, thanks for the link sheets, very cool.
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    I have nothing to contribute in the way of this thread, but I can't help but agree. Maybe I don't know enough/any "bro-girls"...
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    Well Americans often live their lives through their work, so I'd prefer some women, even if it means more complications.

    Mal4Mac, could you tell us more about your job, what it's like, and why you like it.
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