machine learning

  1. A

    Studying Self-studying plan for modern science

    Hey guys, I want to build a strong and straight plan for my next years of studying and once finish I am able to do something on my own and come up with crazy ideas and actually test them, build some awesome algorithms, all that cool stuff, but I'm kinda stumble so it would be nice if someone...
  2. L

    Resource recommendations for machine learning

    I am planing to change my field (in PhD) and learn Machine Learning to differentiate different phases of strongly correlated matter. I learned Monte Carlo method in my MS and have intermediate level knowledge of topological insulators. Before completely getting into Machine Learning, I want to...
  3. D

    Programs Diploma thesis - Neural Network Application in Physical Problems

    Hello everybody. I am currently on my last year of Computational Physics education. More and more I am interested in Machine Learning and Neural Network. Time has come for me to choose diploma work thesis, so I am searching for interesting ideas where I can merge my interest in neural networks...
  4. A

    Python How to get output from a layer during training in Keras?

    In Keras, the method is used to train the neural network. How can I get the output from any hidden layer during training? Consider following code where neural network is trained to add two time series #multivariate data preparation #multivariate multiple input cnn example from numpy...
  5. R

    Math Job opportunities USA that combine data science with physics

    Hello, I am a Belgian master in physics and astronomy with a couple of years of working experience under his belt, who recently decided to obtain a second master in statistics. Normally I should graduate in 2020. My goal is to become a data scientist, but preferably within a scientific context...
  6. Felipe Lincoln

    Python Is machine learning entirely based on decision tree?

    Are all the machine learning predictor algorithm based on decision tree? Even classifier and regressors?
  7. ngrunenberg

    What is the reward in Reinforcement Learning?

    I know I'm not that bright and I realize that this is a silly question to anyone in the field, but I was curious what the reward is in reinforcement learning algorithms. I understand the concept behind reinforcement learning, though I am unsure of how you could program a reward into a program...
  8. P

    A Recently, I want to write something about data in physics

    Nowadays, the machine learning of computer science is hot. It is based on data, and drove by data. Thus, a question is naturally coming out: the data in physics, and the models of data. I think it is a really empirical way to know how physicists do the same thing as the computer scientists. So...
  9. M

    Calculus Which books for Calculus AND Linear Algebra

    I wanted to go through Calculus and then Linear Algebra following either of two paths: a) Keisler's Infinitesmal approach>>>Nitecki Deconstructing Calculus>>>Nitecki Calculus in 3D>>>Freidberg's Linear Algebra OR b) Simmons Calculus with analytic geometry>>>Apostol Vol 1>>>>Apostol Vol...
  10. G

    Prob/Stats Books on Machine Learning without a strong math background required

    Hi everyone, I am a software developer (bachelor's degree in Europe, different than a bachelor's degree in the US I believe) and I don't have a strong math/physics background but I am willing to learn. For a few years now, I have been really interested in machine learning but until now, I only...
  11. Curiose

    Is it all in the angle?

    For one of my current projects in computer vision (which really is a study in point clustering and tracking in a data stream of n-dimensional data), I have come up with a way to very quickly index a 2D angle between two points or the angle of a vector. Doing a little bit of investigation, and...
  12. It's me

    I How can I access event data for LHCb calorimeters?

    I want to do a project using machine learning on the calorimeter event data of the LHCb. How can I access this data? Is it very difficult to navigate your way through the source code on your own?
  13. Q

    Admissions Computational physics career change

    Hi, I am confused about which to choose between computational physics and data science. Actually I am a computer science undergraduate and I have 4 years of experience in data mining. I discovered my interest in physics, so I planned to do a graduate degree with the focus of physics. But the...
  14. C

    Machine learning / AI - Where do I start?

    I am a programming novice with minimal knowledge of C, Python and Java that I've taught myself from books and videos. Eventually I'd like to get into AI and machine learning but I have no idea where to start. Thus far, the minimal coding I've learnt has been rather aimless with no specific...
  15. Gean Martins

    Physics Physics and Machine learning

    Hello everyone, i'm on my last undergraduation year in Physics and i've been asking myself what specific area to work with . Two months ago i've been studying Machine Learning and it amazed me so much that i push myself to come here and ask your opinions about it : There's a way to work deeply...
  16. Q

    Studying How should I prepare for a computational science masters?

    Hi I am a computer science undergraduate planning to do a master's degree in computational science(scientific computing) winter 2018. Since I have a bachelor's degree in computer science, I want to prepare before I apply for a degree. As of now I am following basic mathematics from A level...
  17. M

    Other What kind of jobs are available in deep learning?

    What kind of jobs are available in the field of deep learning?
  18. EnumaElish

    Physicists set to revolutionize big data, AI

    When I opened up the article I expected to see quantum computing as the next field physicists are to revolutionize. I was surprised to see it was data management and machine learning. I am happy for physicists...
  19. E

    Sparsity of Support vector machines over an RKHS

    Im trying to solve the following problem from the book 'Learning with kernels', and would really appreciate a little help. Background information - Let $\{(x_{1},y_{1}),...,(x_{N},y_{N})\}$ be a dataset, L a Loss function and $H(k)$ a reproducing kernel Hilbert space with kernel $k$. The...
  20. Avatrin

    Books on pattern recognition

    I am currently trying to learn pattern recognition from Pattern Classification by Duda et al. However, this books is a bit too dense for me. I keep hitting walls while trying to read the books (I understand most of the reasoning, but it just becomes too much and too abstract). Can anybody...
  21. mfb

    ArXiv crackpot filter developed by accident

    A very interesting blog post (from @hossi). A program that helps sorting arXiv submissions into categories frequently struggles with crackpot submissions - because they do not fit in anywhere. The program was never designed for it, but is helps finding them.
  22. Avatrin

    Neural networks and music

    Hi What approach should I take if I want to try this with music? I know the mathematics that are needed to learn neural networks (from what I have read on websites like Coursera). Also, I know basic scientific programming with Python. I am willing to spend time to learn how to make the...
  23. Z

    A Question about a particular paper on categorical data

    I am not sure this is the right forum for this -- I have a question about a particular paper: The authors describe 4 heuristics that can be derived from categorical data -- this is in order to map categorical data to numerical...
  24. fluidistic

    Machine learning and binary/executable

    I have a question about machine learning and the binaries/executables of programs. I'm not really understanding well how machine learning and programs are related. For instance in computer chess or go, they use machine learning (deep learning) to "train a model" or something like that, the more...
  25. T

    Mathematical modeling in particle physics

    So my university offers two programs focused on particle physics. One is simply masters in nuclear/particle physics, the other is masters in mathematical modelling with focus on particle physics. I want to go into mathematical modelling and I'm choosing what I will focus on. I'm not really...
  26. H

    Programs Artificial intelligence: what double degree to choose?

    My only dream in life is to develop a robot that has common sense and wisdom and pretty much be as smart as a human that can help society solve ISIS, food shortages etc. So I am choosing Computer Science next year for university. Though I have heard that doing the degree purely is too dry and...
  27. Domenico94

    Machine learning or algorithm design

    HI everyone. I was just wondering about a career in the IT (I study communication systems engineering, but I'm rather interested in coding, rather than Internet and communcation systems- related stuff). I wanted to ask you, given the advances that technology is making, which skills would be...
  28. Domenico94

    Machine learning and NMR

    Hi everyone. By reading stuff on the Internet, I found many times the correlation between machine learning and NMR, or, better, algorithms that are implemented for that kind of technology( The same goes for PET, or CT scans. The thing I want to ask is, how much do you think that the two things...
  29. Domenico94

    PhD and machine learning

    Hi everyone. I was just reading stuff about carreers like "data analyst" or "machine learning jobs", and I found out, by reading various sites, that machine learning people (especially those with CS or stat background) is, and will be, a good opportunity of working, there'll be much jobs in that...
  30. S

    Which AI MOOC to choose?

    I am a high school student and an avid learner through MOOCs. This spring, there are two MOOCs coming up which caught my interest- one on AI from UC Berkeley(Dan Klein) and the other on Machine Learning from Stanford(Andrew Ng). Though I am inclined towards the Berkeley course, I wanted to get...