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AP physics b and ap calculus ab

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    does anyone know where i can find ap cal and/or phyics multiple choice sections of past tests?? i really need them to study.
    please help
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    Unless you go back to pre-1997, you won't be able to find AP Calc AB multiple choice sections, as they stopped releasing the multiple choice sections after that. If your calculus teacher has been teaching for a while, they may have copies of the older exams, but even then they may not have them. The Collegeboard also has practice tests that they give to AP Calc teachers, but I'd imagine you would have already taken it by now if your teacher had it.

    There are books you can buy with multiple choice questions in the AP format, I'd advise checking a local bookstore to try and find one (since the test is only a few days away and buying online may take too long).

    As for Physics, I'm not too sure.

    Edit: There is a handful of practice multiple choice questions in the course description for AP Calc on the Collegeboard website, here's the link to the page in question: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/calculus_ab/samp.html?calcab
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    You can buy past exams at the college board for 20-30 bucks per exam. It comes with a nice booklet and they mail it very fast (got my after 2-3 days of ordering, considering I live in canada, it is very fast mailing)
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