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AP Statistics

  1. Feb 15, 2015 #1
    I want to take the AP Statistics test within 3 months and I need to have a statistics book to start preparing for it.
    What books do you recommend for any student who needs all the necessary information to study for an AP Statistics exam and be able to pass with a 5?

    By book I mean textbook with lessons, examples and practice problems that cover all the topics covered in the AP Statistics test and the AP Statistics class.
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    Not sure about AP statistics. Never seen or cared to look at their course outline. Statistics by triola, Elementary Statistics:A Step by Step approach, or any other introductory college statistics book will do. Avoid Young and Freedman. It is a good book to know what is happening under the hood of statistics, so to speak, however it lacks standard mathematical notation which would make it pointless depending on the maturity of the user.
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    A graphing calculator is a must and knowledge of how to use it is a must. Check with your school to see which calculator is allowed.
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