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Apostol 1st edition vs. 2nd edition

  1. Dec 5, 2007 #1
    Hello all,

    I've been reading Apostol's Calculus online (with Amazon's "search inside this book" feature - it's cumbersome but it works.) However, I recently decided to purchase the physical book. I got a very good deal from a used bookseller advertising the 2nd edition of the book (which I had been reading). However, the 1st edition of the book was shipped to me.

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the differences are between these two books. Should I try to get my money back? Is the second edition much better than the first? What does it cover that the first doesn't (or vice versa)?

    Thank you.
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    I think the key difference is that the 2nd edition has linear algebra. I could be wrong.
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    PowerIso is correct. LA has been added, and then the usual - exercises have been added, chapters rewritten for clarity, blah, blah. The last two chapters of Vol.1 reappear as the first two chapters of Vol.2.
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    Thanks for the help.

    So, if I don't really need to learn linear algebra (I'm mainly focused on pure calculus for the moment), the first edition should suit me fine?
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    the first edition of every book is always better than any laler edition.
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    I always thought the second edition was always best. It seems like the authors agree too. It's written in the book how the second edition is normally just a correct version of the first edition with no typos and errors.
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    Thanks for the advice.

    Why do you say that, mathwonk?
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    most books i know of are revised in order to please some group or satisfy some agenda different from the one that led the author to write the book. hence they are either dumbed down, as is the case with almost all non honors books in the US, or enlarged by including irrelevant but currently fashionable material like linear algebra, as is the case in apostol's book, as i recall.

    the removal of errors is not even always done in later editions, as the authors prefer to expand rather than clean up what they have already done. the goal of all these changes is of course to create more sales, not to actually improve the book.

    e.g. the best version of edwards and penney, now in its 7th edition or so, i.e. the book nearest the one intended by the authors, is the first edition. the same holds for thomas. a few authors like spivak, do not change their books much, and do attempt to remove blemishes.

    i can also think of a few advanced books out there, which shall remain nameless, that contain some fairly serious errors, and which one would think would benefit from a revision, but which have never received one.

    perhaps one exception is the complex differential manifolds book of ronnie wells, which was said to have received some useful corrections in its second edition.
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    Okay. So I didn't get ripped off :-). Thanks, Mathwonk.
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    You might want to make sure you weren't overcharged though. Many times later editions cost more than earlier, so maybe you can get some store credit. :)
  12. Dec 8, 2007 #11
    I purchased the book for $12. I have been unable to find any first or second edition copy for cheaper than this.
  13. Dec 8, 2007 #12
    Haha wow, nice buy!
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    wow! that book is often going for like 50-100 dollars!
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    I know. Which is why I wasn't planning on sending it back unless I was told it was VASTLY INFERIOR and impossible to learn calculus from, which I kind of doubted to be honest.

    Also this is only the first volume, but still really good deal.
  16. Dec 9, 2007 #15
    it's probably a foreign edition. i got mine for like 15$ too
  17. Dec 9, 2007 #16
    It was apparently "Manufactured in the United States of America", according to the copyright page. Hmm.
  18. Dec 9, 2007 #17
    I've seen some for like 25 dollars, but then I notice they were being sold by an Indian company and the shipping cost would rise the cost a good bit. 15 bucks is a good find. Where did you get it?
  19. Dec 9, 2007 #18

    You can still find one on there for $12; apparently I didn't buy the last one.
  20. Jul 15, 2008 #19
    Everyone who reads this thread be warned. I own both versions of both volumes and the second edition is much different. Especially in Vol II the approach is completely different (Prereqs from the first edition are now "special topics" in the 2nd edition). Overall the 2nd Edition is of both books are much easier to follow and the exercises are a lot easier. Chapters are also organized better.

    Also I do NOT recommend using Abebooks unless you know the seller. I tried buying Apostol's Mathematical Analysis for 25$ and it never came and I filled out a complaint through their site and have heard nothing back!
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    I've bought approx 15 books through Abebooks, all of them have arrived when they should.

    Sad that you have had such bad experiencxe with the site, though
  22. Jul 15, 2008 #21
    Haha you just revived a nine-month-old thread.

    I'm already *done reading* the book I was asking about here.
  23. Jul 15, 2008 #22
    Yeah (hilllllllllllarious)... I know, but believe it or not other people read this PUBLIC thread (sorry Mr. Ptolemy but the universe doesn't revolve around you). That is why I didn't address the post to you but rather to other readers who may be in the same situation.

    Abebooks seems to have a good reputation around here so maybe I will try them again but I will make sure that the seller has a good rep.
  24. Jul 15, 2008 #23
    Wow, jump down people's throats much?

    I didn't mention that I finished reading the book to point out that your comment was useless to me (although it was), but to illustrate the age of this thread.
  25. Jul 16, 2008 #24
    Oh Ok. I'll be more clear next time. I hope you enjoyed (or are still enjoying) the book. I'm working through it myself this summer to review and i'm previewing some of the Multivariable in Vol II as I go along.
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