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Homework Help: Application of Electric, magnetic and gravitational field in satellite

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    Im new to this forum and i hope u guys can help me with this question.

    I need to explain how electric, gravitational and magnetic fields are present in the building and launching of a satellite.

    I know that gravitational will be present at launching since gravity will be acting on the satellite when its going up and then afterwards since the gravitational field will be presen in the satellite to keep it in orbit.

    can anyone explain me how the other fields are present in the satellite?

    thank you in advance
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    The gravitational field effects the satelite during launch and orbit.
    Gravity is (almost) as strong in orbit as on the ground - the reason things appear weightless in orbit is simply that everythign is falling at the same rate.

    The earth has a magnetic field, conductors (ie. electrical wires) moving through a magnetic field will create an electical current - in certain areas of the earth this effect is stronger and can cause serious problems ( see Hubble and the south atlantic anomaly)
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