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Applications of man-made "hybrid fibers" like capture silk?

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    I have read this paper "http://www.pnas.org/content/113/22/6143.full" and while I found it intersting, there isn't much discussion on the future applications of the new developments (unless I zoned out and passed over it, always a possibility).
    Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to what some of the real-world uses could be.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Same as any use for any fibre, man made or otherwise.
    Also the theory that is developed for these kinds of fibers could be useful in other areas of manufacturing so, even if the fibres in question never see practical application, the research is still used. And even if the theory proves impractical in application - then a whole fruitless branch of inquiry has been ruled out.
    Whatever - it will mean better understanding of spiders.

    Spider silk has a lot of properties that would be neat in a man-made fibre. There are lots of articles about this online - not just the one you cited.
    Is there any particular reason you were wondering about possible applications in this specific case?
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    here is another interesting this that we are doing to mass produce silk and in shere that this well not be the end of this kind of apalachin for producing differnc kinds of silk in mass amounts Scientists breed goats that produce spider silk
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    Fibers are as reinforcements in composite and a composite is essentially designed to achieve better overall mechanical properties. while I do not know whether silk has been tried in a composite, but basically hybrid fibers are usually employed to 'achieve better overall mechanical properties' such as reduced weight, greater toughness and tensile strength. Also from a commercial standpoint, hybrid fibers are often employed to reduce the cost as in case of using glass fibers with carbon fibers; glass fibers are cheaper than carbon fibers and also add a lit bit of toughness.
    If you are more interested, you might want to check this out
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