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Applied computer Science in aerospace

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    I am doing my bachelors degree in computer science. but i seriously want to pursue higher studies in aerospace engineering. any cue on how to proceed??
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    If you're starting out with a BS in comp sci, I'm guessing you'll be working with CFD (comp fluid dynamics) for an MS /M Eng?

    If so, you should take aero courses like thermo, aerodynamics, gas dynamics to familiarize yourself with these topics. You may have to declare a double major, because schools sometimes won't let you take engineering courses without actually being an engineer.

    Someone with more aerospace knowledge can tell you if other topics are necessary.
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    Hey!! thanx for that..
    No its not BS im doing a btech in comp science..in India. So its different here.. I will not get an oppurtunity to do higher studies in aerospace because here they are considered alltogether different fields. Though i still follow aerospace subjects academically, i,ll not get an official certificate for that and thus i cant major in any related subject... That is the main problem.
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