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Applied Math Graduate School Selection

  1. Nov 19, 2014 #1
    I am applying for graduate school for applied math or engineering science. I am in a normal big ten school. I am in BS math and BA chemistry. I have a rather high gpa 3.9. Till now, I have taken 9 high level math courses, only one get A-, others are A, and 5 high level chemistry courses, only one get B+, others are A. And all low level math,physics, and chemistry and computer science courses are A. Till graduation, I can take to 17 high level math courses in total. Frankly, some of these 9 courses till now are not so called hardest math courses, but indeed they cover almost every fields of math requested.
    However, I get rather low GRE scores, indeed very low. General is about 146+167+3. I don't get GRE subject math score yet, but I highly doubt it. So it's a big weakness.
    I have three researches, two in math, and one in chemistry. Although there is no publication, I think I do well and these professors will write letters for me.
    I apply for Mater only. These programs are always non-finial programs. My preference is 'good school'. I have a list: Columbia university, university of Pennsylvania(applied math and , Northwestern university(engineering science and applied math), Georgia institute of technology, university of Michigan, University of California at San Diego and University of Utah. Also, I apply for some UK universities like Cambridge and Imperial College, they do not require GRE scores. And of course, I will apply for masters in applied math.
    Do you think that I can be admitted to one of them. I think one is enough. Or I need to change to others.
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