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Homework Help: Appying a force bar + Young's Modulus + Force Applied

  1. Nov 15, 2015 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    h = 17.2 cm
    A = 12.32cm2
    E = 410 MPA
    Fapp = 6130 N
    2. Relevant Equations
    σ = F/A where F is force applied and A is cross sectional area of side where force is applied

    ε = ΔL/L where L is the length of the bar and ΔL is the change of length of bar

    Young's Modulus
    E = stress/strain = FL/AΔL

    3. My attempt at solution

    We are solving first solving for ΔL which I got as 0.864cm and then we subtract that from 17.2cm which I got as 16.34cm

    I'm not sure if my thought process is correct or how to approach this question. What is Young's modulus ? Am I approaching the problem correctly? Am I looking for the right variable? Did I get the correct answer ? Just need reassurance. Thanks in advance guys!
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    You just have a bunch of numbers where a problem statement should be. What problem are you supposed to be solving? What is the text which should go with this data?

    If you don't know what Young's modulus is, look it up! You've got the whole internet at your disposal.
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    oops. I forgot to upload a photo
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    I get a different number. Please post all your working.
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