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Arduino and DC Solid State Relay 'Flicker'

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    Hi, thank you for your help in advance.

    I have a circuit configured as shown in this image. I got this arrangement from an earlier thread.

    An arduino controls a DC solid state relay, and it works fine when my load is a simple LED. The arduino is controlling through a digital output header and using the digitalWrite() function, so I don't think PWM has anything to do with it. The arduino is powered by an external source: not USB.

    Making that load a motor as shown in the image causes problems though. I have an LED in series so that I can see when the relay is closed and power is being delivered. It flickers at about 4-5 Hz I would say.

    My relay is the CN024.

    The relay is capable of delivering up to 3.5 A at 24 VDC. It is powered by a 7 VDC switched adaptor source right now. The power source can deliver up to 2 A. It is zero-crossing.

    The motor it is powering is a simple servo motor. It is rated for up to 6V and typically draws 140 mA.

    Despite this, is the flickering caused by a high current inrush and the circuit is being broken by a protective circuit in the servo? Though my knowledge is limited, it seems like all the requirements have been met: the SSR circuit is being closed, and there can be enough voltage supplied and current delivered. I tried putting a diode in series in order to drop the voltage from 7 V to (7-0.6)=6.4 V just to make sure the voltage wasn't too much.

    Any ideas?

    Code included below, if it's important:
    //Servo Potentiometer Control

    #include <Servo.h>

    const int SERVO=10; //Servo on Pin 3
    const int POT=A0; //POT on Analog Pin 0
    const int RELAY=3;

    Servo myServo;
    int val = 0;

    void setup(){

    void loop()
    val=analogRead(POT); //Read Pot
    val=map(val,0,1023,0,179);//Scale it to the servo range
    myServo.write(val); //Sets the servo

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    this issue was caused by a very bad power supply.
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    Your LED should be in parallel with the motor, not in series. You have an unnecesary series diode to the motor.
    Attached is a revised circuit.

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    Thank you again!
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    jim hardy

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    From servo documentation https://www.parallax.com/sites/defa...tinuous-Rotation-Servo-Documentation-v2.2.pdf

    good find, have fun!
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    Sorry, R1 must be moved to limit LED current, no resistor is needed with the SSR LED.
    Attached revision.

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